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Matthew Todd
Torchlight Talent

About the Author

Matthew Todd was born in Scotland in 1988 into a large musical family. He has been performing and singing for as long as he can remember, along with his four brothers and two sisters. Music was always an escape and a passion in the Todd family but Matthew knew that, for him, it was going to be even more important.

Growing up in the remote Highlands of Scotland, it was a real challenge to gain the essential foundation and experience for a career in music. Throughout his school career, Matthew was systematically bullied and discouraged and music became an invaluable solace through this difficult time. However, he persevered with his dream and, after completing his vocal studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Matthew began a varied and exciting musical career as a tenor soloist, choral conductor, composer, community musician, teacher and music therapist.


"I have had the honor and privilege of meeting Matthew Todd in person and found him to be a very kind, trustworthy and honorable person."

Kimberly Tucker, Texas USA

Mom & manager of rising rocker Griffin Tucker (pictured)

Shane Melaugh

"Matthew Todd is not only a proven author with the ability to inspire youth in music as a teacher, but already has a team to help him accomplish many of the things that I have been desiring to do with the site for some time."

'Rivenmaster' Rod Johnston, USA

Original author and owner of Rivenmaster.com

Jane Smith