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About Torchlight Talent

Founder Rod Johnston (aka Rivenmaster)

'Rivenmaster' Rod Johnston - Original author and owner of Rivenmaster.com

The site began its life as Rivenmaster's Place, founded by Rod Johnson, and has become the global home for signed and unsigned treble singers, aspiring actors and talented youth. The site has direct contact with several film and record producers not to mention a number of music managers who visit the site on a regular basis. For this we are very grateful and have established a good reputation for being a well respected and authorised blog for young artists. Rod continues as an author and promoter of Torchlight Talent.

Matthew Todd - Author Torchlight Talent

Over the years we have assembled some of the very best talent in the world and feature young male singers who are just getting their start as well as some who have already made it big in the recording and film industry. We are proud to say that we have been very instrumental in showcasing some of these youngsters who are now signed by managers and producers and well on their way to an exciting career.

There are a few elements that make Torchlight Talent quite unique:

  • Torchlight Talent offers new and fresh material which is not published elsewhere on the web. (We do not simply re-publish bios of young actors and singers domain sites.) Every feature article that is published is written by the artists and their managers and with the express permission and approval of every parent or manager of the artist being featured
  • We exist to primarily to promote, not to criticise and judge. Many young artists are no stranger to 'haters' who seek to pull them down and discourage them. We choose to be an antidote to hate by keeping criticism to a minimum and encouraging young artists in any way we can
  • We specialise in male, treble singers. Traditionally, this was the focus of Rivenmaster's Place and still, due to Matthew's childhood experiences and professional expertise, this is where we feel we can offer most
  • That said, we also promote dancers, film-makers and actors, both boys and girls, from all over the world! The international element is important to us as we want to celebrate music and the arts as a powerful tool for bringing unity across the globe 
  • We want to inspire the world! The young artists we promote work incredibly hard, show amazing courage and, unfortunately, often must persevere in the face of mockery and bullying (this is particularly true for boy singers). We believe their stories need and deserve to be told. By promoting these stories to reach as many readers as possible, we know we are making the world a little brighter.