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Christian Lalama – incredible young vocalist

By Matthew Todd / a couple of years ago

Christian 2Twelve-year-old Canadian, Christian Lalama, is one of those singers who’s performances have the power to render you speechless. You hear them sing and are struck by their vitality, their sincerity and their skill to such an extent, it is very hard to articulate those emotions. This presents a challenge when you are trying to write an article to promote them… but challenge accepted – here goes!

Music in the Blood

Regular readers will know how my own upbringing gives a strong sense of nostalgia when I see musical families working together. Christian tells us:

Christian Lalama“My passion is music. I’ve been surrounded by music basically my entire life: my uncles are musicians, my father’s a musician, even my grandfather at the age of 87 still plays live.”

Music is a language and it is wonderful to see how that language can become the mother tongue of a family. I tend to believe it is less about genes and more about that ‘passion’, which Christian describes, flowing from one generation to the next. Though it is difficult to define, this is certainly one of the things which resonates with me in Christian’s performances.

Along with his truly exceptional music producer, David Kahne, Christian’s musical family are also the team behind many of his stunning music videos which are some of the most powerful I have ever seen. It takes a certain confidence and self-assurance to sing fearlessly into camera – often in public places – for hours on end until there is enough footage to eventually craft into a music video.


I would like to share Christian’s latest release: the original song ‘Beautiful’. I was deeply moved by this wonderful piece of art. The lyrics have a maturity and wisdom, a merciful contrast to the erroneous, candy-coated concept that everything will be fine if you just ‘believe in yourself’. The real truth is poignantly articulated in the lyrics and passionately performed by Christian in ‘Beautiful’:

Christian 5And if you live long enough

You, you will be strong
You will be brave
You will be broken

You, you will fall down
You, you will walk tall
You will be lonely

You, you will lose faith
You will get lost
You’ll be a loser

You, you will tell lies
You’ll be untrue
You’ll be forgiven 

You, you will be torn
Damaged and scarred
And you will be beautiful 

This is a message so essential for everyone but especially for young artists. We are bombarded with images of success – material and relational – that encourage us to believe that life should be perfect. We spend so long trying to protect children that we often live in denial of the fact that we cannot shield them from the world forever. Somehow we must find a way to express that life is not easy – ‘you will be torn, damaged and scarred’ – but that’s OK… because that is what authentic life is; that is what makes us stronger; that is what creates empathy within humanity; and that – in it’s own strange way – is beautiful.

Christian 1

When powerful truths like this are expressed so sincerely by artists as young as Christian, it creates a plethora of conflicting emotions. You feel sorrow that the world is how it is, wishing you could shield them from the pain they will one day experience. But you also feel an incredible sense of pride and hope for the future as you watch them singing their hearts out and fearlessly declaring the truths that the rest of the world is so often too fearful to accept. I’m willing to admit that ‘Beautiful’ is one of the few music videos that has successfully reduced me to tears – congratulations Christian and team!

Voice and Vocation

Christian Lalama has vocal talents to match his performance prowess. His voice has a thrilling, clear tone which injects a sparkling energy into everything he sings. I felt it had an Italian quality to it and was amused to discover that Christian does, in fact, have a strong Italian heritage and ‘Beautiful’ was filmed while he was visiting family in Italy!

Christian sings

He is blessed with an impressive vocal range and demonstrates the ability to sing convincingly in a range of styles and conveying a multitude of emotions.

Christian is also extremely musical and is a proficient pianist. This versatility will prove incredibly valuable as he pursues a career in music. However, it is his professional attitude towards his work which is the essential ingredient to his success. Christian shows constant dedication and also has a great attitude towards his fans and supporters, always remembering to thank and encourage them.

Support Christian Lalama

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About the author

Matthew Todd

Matthew is the owner and author at Torchlight Talent. He has a passion for stories which he believes have the power to inspire and transform. Matthew lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with is wife Lisa. He is a director of Lux Ventus, a company with many creative ventures.