Rivenmaster Passes the Torch

Rod (aka Rivenmaster)

Dear Rivenmaster.com Readers,

My name is Rod Johnson. Many of you have come to know me as Rivenmaster. For the past 7 years I have been freely promoting and offering advise to young aspiring artists on a Global scale. I have been priviledged to publish articles for over 150 youngsters, working with their parents helping them to establish a larger social media network, building websites, and continually promoting them through the Rivenmaster network. Rivenmaster.com, or as it’s better known Rivenmaster’s Place, was the first in the trio of website creations which in turn launched the other two domains, Rivenmaster.net and Rivenmaster.org.

Today I’m coming to you with exciting news! Rivenmaster.com has now officially been changed to Torchlight Talent ( torchlighttalent.com ), where all new articles going forward will be published by a new team led by Author, Teacher, and extremely talented vocalist, Matthew Todd.

Torchlight Talent Responsive Demo

The new website has a bright new look - and works on devices of all sizes

Matthew and his team are more than qualified to continue the work started by Rivenmaster.com and I assure you this new domain will continue to bring you the very best of introductory articles for new talent as well as updates from your favorite young stars.

Rivenmaster.org will now become the lead site of the old Rivenmaster network. 

I want to wish everyone at Torchlight Talent the very best of success and encourge you to visit, subscribe and support this new venture.

While I’m not entirely going away, I want to thank all of our subscribers, readers, friends, and followers for their many years of faithful support as we take the next step working more directly with a couple of young artsits and officially turn the authorship and website over to Matthew Todd and Torchlight Talent.

Rod aka Rivenmaster

Rod will continue to encourage and support young artist on www.rivenmaster.org. Be sure to check it out!