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Theo Constantin – onwards and upwards

By Matthew Todd / a couple of years ago

Theo singing“Life is a rollercoaster that takes you up and down, but you, even if you’re young, can defeat your fears, change darkness into light, evil into good, break down barriers and follow your path!” Theo Constantin

Welcome back Theo Constantin!

We were delighted to feature Theo on Torchlight Talent last November and we have a special update now, directly from Theo and his management. Rod and I have been so impressed with Theo, both his music development and also his dedicated and professional attitude towards his work. For one so young, he shows a tremendous level of respect and care for others which is wonderful to see. We unanimously agreed that he deserved some extra promotion – so here is the latest on the shining career of Theo Constantin!

Update from Theo’s manager

Yes you are Theo[N.B the following is directly from Theo’s management. Where we have made amendments, these have
been to provide a clearer translation]

Last year, in November, Rivenmaster published an impressive article about Theo which gave a clear image of this child:

“Theo was born in 2005, in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, where he’s still living with his family. His musical journey began in the choir of the Ecumenical Institute of Sacred Music in Bucharest and he also started to study piano at the age of five. As a Soloist of the choir, Theo realised that solo singing gave him the opportunity he craved for self-expression and communication with his audiences. So, when he was only seven years old, he started studying pop music at the Academy of Fine Arts and today he is a student at the Art School of Bucharest where he studies solo singing and performing.”

The single released in November last year, “I’ll be your hero” raised him up from his beginnings as a small artist in Romania. The song won the gold in Top Hit Parade Germany and several European radio stations broadcasted it which was an important step in his career.

This year, in March, he released his first MaxiSingle, Produced by Adair Records, which also includes title “I’ll be your hero” and two covers “Read all about it” and “Blaze of glory”.

Because the CD was well received by the music market, and the song “I’ll be your hero” is still on the radio charts, the production team were determined to write several upbeat songs (which express Theo’s permanently positive state of mind!) and to create a new album which is expected to be released in August.

Theo with Guitar

“Up & Down” features a unique Official Music Video released this month and is an extract from the new album which will include 6 singles.

The title and the motto for the new album reflects Theo’s positive state of mind. This is a direct quote from Theo expressing his desires for his music. He says:

“Life is a rollercoaster that takes you up and down, but you, even if you’re young, can defeat your fears, change darkness into light, evil into good, break down barriers and follow your path!”

Theo long hair

In July Theo will embark on a small tour in Germany with several performances in his native country of Romania too. August is reserved for the release of the new album in Germany.

In my opinion as a manager who spent almost two months with him in his natural habitat – who saw him laughing, crying, going to school and writing music – I can honestly say that he met every challenge with a professional and un positive attitude. I am sure that in Theo there is huge potential to inspire other young people also, and this fills me with hope and excitement for the future!

Onwards and Upwards

Theo prayingWe would, of course, like to echo this hope and excitement and we wish Theo all the very best in his career. As an English speaker with Romanian friends and a wife who works in the area of teaching English as a foreign language, I also want to personally commend Theo for his efforts in learning to sing in English. It is wonderful to hear him sing in his native tongue (such as this song) but being able to accurately reproduce English lyrics is now so important for reaching that international audience which Theo is aspiring to. His pronunciation and mastery of the language has come on in leaps and bounds and I want to encourage him to stick at it!

Finally Theo, you say you want to “defeat your fears, change darkness into light, evil into good, and break down barriers”. We at Torchlight Talent are all about turning the spotlight onto young people like you. As you know, there will be ups and downs but I want to encourage you to persevere. You will hit obstacles, you will face challenges, you may sometimes feel discouraged but, when you do, pick yourself up, take strength from those who love you and hold fast to what you believe is right. The world needs more people like you, Theo, so take heart and keep singing!

Be sure to follow Theo and support him through his social media:

Facebook Page

YouTube Channel

About the author

Matthew Todd

Matthew is the owner and author at Torchlight Talent. He has a passion for stories which he believes have the power to inspire and transform. Matthew lives in Glasgow, Scotland, with is wife Lisa. He is a director of Lux Ventus, a company with many creative ventures.