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Yuri d’Agostino – young Italian maestro!

Yuri d’Agostino has it all! Multi instrumentalist, delightful voice and no shortage of charisma! He is one of those young artists who is a breath of fresh air in the often stifling atmosphere of contemporary popular music. There is an honesty and sincerity in his voice which is wonderfully endearing.

Budding Talent

Yuri follows in the footsteps of his father, Tony d’Agostino, a competent musician who was kind enough to give me some information about his younger son. He speaks of Yuri’s early experiences of music:

“Yuri got involved in music very naturally, we were careful not to put unnecessary constraints on his talents. He sings and plays the drums, guitar and piano. He’s also capable of quickly memorising melodies and he often experiments with sounds… he’s a true creative! He loves Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau and when he was 5 he casually duetted with the famous Bobby McFerrin!”

At 10 years old, Yuri took part in a music competition as a singer in Airola, BN, Italy. Though the youngest in his category he won the competition against competitors five years older than him. Yuri was the protagonist in the television program “Ti lascio una canzone” which aired on Rai 1 and he duetted with Mika, Gianni Morandi, Edoardo Bennato, Albano Carrisi, I Ricchi e Poveri, Arisa, Raf, Umberto Tozzi, some of the biggest names in the Italian music scene.

Yuri also has an interest in the technical aspects of music production:

“Yuri loves looking for quirky things! He’s inquisitive and knows a lot about sound – mixers, various connections, pre-amplifiers, convertors, 2 or 3 way speakers, microphones, etc.” 

Debut Music Video

Rod and I were waiting expectantly for Yuri’s first music video so we could publish our respective articles and it has been worth the wait! Not only is “I love you” his original song, but Yuri plays multiple instruments and provides lead and backing vocals in English!

Furthermore, the song is dedicated to his older brother Tony and is a wonderful tribute from a younger brother to an older. This is such a rare and precious thing and a subject so very close to my heart. As my regular readers will be aware, I am am from a large creative family and the majority of our output is made possible because of the bond that we share. At a time in history where families in the Western world are too often fractured and strained this song is a truly beautiful gleam of hope and encouragement for siblings everywhere.

The video itself is a visual feast with warmly lit, gorgeous scenery and imaginative, creative shots. Yuri says of his video:
“‘I Love You’ is my song written for my big brother Tony. I collected together my best thoughts about him and this composition was born. The lyrics speak of a good relationship between two brothers. It’s also an opportunity for me to grow musically as I discover new sounds for my music. Registered at Studioorange with my Dad’s friend, I want to thank all those who helped me to make my idea a reality. Thanks also to my family, to Mariano Di Cecilia for the shooting and editing and to AnnaMaria Lo Conte for the advice received.”

Support Yuri

Hopefully you love Yuri’s new video as much as we did! Be sure to let him and his parents and collaborators know through his social media and subscribe to his brand new YouTube Channel:


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