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Tyler Lorette – a stunning voice from Canada

“Music is my therapy, sometimes when I am performing I close my eyes and get lost in the moment” Tyler Lorette

Tyler Lorette is one of those rare young singers with a voice that can only be described as captivating. The 13-year-old musician from Ontario, Canada, radiates musicality when he performs. His voice has a sparkling, emotive tone which makes you want to listen all day and he matches it with a confident but completely down-to-earth personality.

A Musical Beginning

My regular readers know well that I have a personal soft spot for musical families due to my own experience. Tyler is fortunate to have a mother who is a competent singer and graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music and she was kind enough to provide Rod and I with a wonderful insight into their musical family:

“When Tyler was 6 years old his dad who was trying to learn the guitar became too busy to learn and gave up on it so he decided to upgrade Tyler and gave him his Gibson J180 as he thought it would be better used by Tyler and boy he was right.  Tyler still uses this guitar today as it has a very special place in his heart.  

Tyler has two older brothers so he is the baby of the family.  He has to hand it to his brothers for putting up with him over the years because he is always singing and playing instruments around the house so there is never silence. Our house is music 24-7 Tyler is always humming or strumming a new melody and constantly reaching for something to write the lyrics down. On a number of occasions when asked “how was school today?”  Tyler will say “good I wrote a new chorus or verse and sometimes an entire song”. Something usually unrelated to school assignments 😊 lol.” Jenn Lorette

A Creative Gift

Having such a creative home has clearly had a wonderful effect on Tyler. As well as playing multiple instruments, producing his own music seems to come very naturally to him. Tyler loves to write songs and has written four originals to date and will be heading to Nashville in the near future to record.  One of his originals called “Believe” has been well received as it is all about having a dream and believing in yourself.

“My dream is to spread positive messages through my music and one day I would love to fill a stadium to share my originals.” Tyler Lorette

One beautiful example was written under very sad circumstances. In 2012, Tyler’s cousin Carley tragically died in a car accident. Tyler was only nine-years-old at the time but wrote his first song ever as a tribute to her called Beautiful Soul.

“I heard a quote recently that said ‘when words fail, music speaks’ by Hans Christian Andersen. This quote really spoke to me because sometimes there are no right words for a situation but music has the ability to say the right things and express the right emotions” Tyler Lorette

The Path to Professionalism

At age 11 Tyler’s parents put him in private vocal lessons with Roberta Quilico of the BirdLoft:

“Roberta is a Sony Recording Artist and has a long list of successes.  She and her team of Adam Newcomb Producer and Cole Hardy Videographer are the brainchild behind Tyler’s covers and Youtube content.  Tyler also started guitar lessons the same year with Larry Chown and drum lessons this past year with John Owens. He thanks them all for their mentorship and encouragement.” Jenn Lorette

Tylers videos are refreshingly high quality, filmed in shiny HD with crystal clear vocals. My personal favourite is ‘This Town/Say You Won’t Let Go’ (Niall Horan /James Arthur) which beautifully demonstrates his emotive vocal talents.

Being Canadian,  Tyler also played hockey for many year since the age of 5 and he loves the sport.  However, this past year he decided to take a break as his music was becoming more involved for him.  Tyler also loves to play  basketball with his friends. In the winter Tyler can be found hitting the slopes on his snowboard and in the summer he can be found ripping on his uncles dirt bike track.  He loves spending time with the family and looks forward to special occasions where he can ‘have some downtime and just chill with everyone’.

Performing Live

Tyler is fortunate to have met local musicians Troy Williams, George Craig and Michelle Tanner from the Southfield Band who invite him out to play and this past year alone he has performed at over 50 live performance gigs. His favourite are fundraisers because Tyler has a big heart and is all about helping to raise funds for whatever the cause may be. For Tyler it is not about making money but about sharing his passion.

“They say music is a universal language and I agree because when I am performing I feel I can connect with anyone” Tyler Lorette

In November 2016 Tyler was introduced to Live Streaming and joined a community called KRUE. He is now a KRUE partner with over 500 supporters and he streams on Monday nights.  He does it all for the love of performing.  He is also an active supporter for all of the other artists on KRUE where he has created friendships with artists and followers through the community.

“Tyler believes that artists can inspire one another and he is definitely inspired by his fans who support him by sharing his video content, joining his live stream and just for their kind comments and believing in him.” Jenn Lorette

Tyler’s parents say that he works so hard and you can clearly see his passion when he performs.  He creates his own content for his livestream and spends hours preparing and practicing for events his mother says. He is incrediblely dedicated and hard working for someone so young.

“I just want to make people happy and if I can help change someone’s day from sad to great then I have accomplished what I set out to do” Tyler Lorette

Tyler invites everyone across the globe to join him on his live stream to get to know him personally and become part of the awesome KRUE community of artists and supporters. Please do your part in supporting and encouraging this exceptional young talent:

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KRUE: Tyler Lorette 

Tyler’s music can be found on iTunes and Spotify, etc.


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